Gary the Cylon is a great fan re-edit of classic Battlestar By OneMinuteGalactica (posted with permission). Each episode is a creative, side-splitting miss-adventure for Gary and those unfortunate "lucky" enough to know him.

Be sure to check out Episode 5 - the Gary The Cylon theme song makes its debut. There are 24 total episodes. Enjoy!

Episodes 1-10 | Episodes 11-20 | Episodes 21-24

Episode 11: Business is down. Someone has to be downsized.


Episode 12: Gary needs some help! A VERY odd couple is born.


Episode 13: Don’t mess with Gary’s sock drawer.


Episode 14: Broke Back Cylon?!


Episode 15: Three’s Company. Gary Style.


Episode 16: Gary to the rescue! Subscribe today.


Episode 17: Happy Halloween, Mr. Roboto!


Episode 18: Punch... Punch... Punch... Punch...


Episode 19: Should have just paid for the Satellite TV, Gary.


Episode 20: Just one spilled drink, dang. R.I.P. Gary.

Episodes 1-10 | Episodes 11-20 | Episodes 21-24