Gary the Cylon is a great fan re-edit of classic Battlestar By OneMinuteGalactica (posted with permission). Each episode is a creative, side-splitting miss-adventure for Gary and those unfortunate "lucky" enough to know him.

Be sure to check out Episode 5 - the Gary The Cylon theme song makes its debut. There are 24 total episodes. Enjoy!

Episodes 1-10 | Episodes 11-20 | Episodes 21-24

Episode 1: Gary was kind of philosophical here.
He didn't develop his jerk personality until the next episode.


Episode 2: Gary is ordered to seek out Baltar, but he tries to get some time off.


Episode 3: Gary takes part in a classic defeat.


Episode 4: Gary goes to his favorite bar after work.


Episode 5: Gary's diplomatic skills aren't that great.


Episode 6: Gary goes door to door, being a jerk.


Episode 7: Gary interrogates a human.


Episode 8: Gary chases a human.


Episode 9: Gary can go rust himself.


Episode 10: Gary's a really bad shot.

Episodes 1-10 | Episodes 11-20 | Episodes 21-24