The Gang

Well, well, well... the Gang is all here...
Here is a "Who's Who" in our Cylon Empire.

The Imperious Leader

Ruler of the Cylon Empire,  an all around big meanie bent on the destruction of mankind... that's all. The Imperious Leader is in power, by force and fear. Only the most cruel, calculating and devious I.L. Series Cylon is elevated to be the Imperious Leader. Typically the Imperious Leader stays in power until he makes an error so rash that the result is his own destruction (epic fail). I.L. Series are not as cruel to assume power by simple assassination.

Upon reaching the Imperious Leader distinction a new exterior is donned that resembles our reptilian Cylon creators. It is a wonderfully twisted homage to the race that birthed us, whom we destroyed (bye bye now).

Some Imperious Leaders also choose to keep a pet. Usually one of the various lower reptilian life forms still found on the Cylon home world, again, a great "back at ya" at our long gone creators.

The Current Imperious Leader took control of the Cylon Empire after his predecessor was destroyed at the battle of Carillon - along with some Centurions I knew too - DOOF! Even I know not to retreat your Basestar close to the surface of a volatile planet (duh).

I.L. Series

Second level commanders of the Cylon Empire. I.L. Series command Cylons can run bases, outposts and oversee Basestars. They carry out the commands from the Imperious Leader, but always question them and feel they could do a better job. They sit and wait for their chance to upstage the Imperious Leader and assume control of the Cylon Empire. I.L. Series issue orders to Command Centurions and Centurions – moving the pawns around to try and destroy the life form known as man.

Notable I.L. Series Cylons: Lucifer and Specter

NOTE: In a few curious forks of the chain-of-command - Command Centurions out rank and issue orders to I.L. Series Cylons.

Command Centurion

Third and sometimes Second level commanders. Command Centurions can run bases, outposts and oversee Basestars. They carry out the commands from the Imperious Leader without question. They are physically identical to the standard Centurion, only their programming is more advanced.

Notable Command Centurion: Vulpa


The foot soldier of the Cylon Empire (YAY ME!). The Centurion is the brute force of the Cylon Empire. The sheer overwhelming numbers of Centurions and their relentless onslaught can cripple any Colonial force. They do not question anything, only obey the commands they are given. They exist to serve so that the Cylon Empire may grow.

If Colonials do run into a "Cylon" they will no doubt see a Centurion. *BOO*

Notable Centurions: Flight Leader Serpentine, Red-Eye, Centuri (pilot Centurion 9), Cy (Cyrus), Cylon-Knight *that's me - waves*, and Gary


Support Cylons that fuel the war machine with their work building various items, weapons and spacecrafts. As the bottom feeders they hold no rank to command any of the other types of Cylons and they are totally dependent on the Centurions for protection if Colonials attack. As such they are typically never seen by humans. They are kept within the heart of the Cylon domain – or well secured capital locations – far from any evil Colonials.